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General Terms

A. Scope and definitions

These general terms (hereinafter: the Terms) govern the terms and conditions applicable to the website (hereinafter: the Platform). The Terms apply to any use of the Platform, in particular the consultation of ads and other deals on the Platform. In addition to these Terms, price lists and Wet Pussy Terms apply to the publication of advertisements and other offers (eg online advertisements) on the Platform.


B. Platform Terminology

Users: all visitors and users of the Platform, especially advertisers and stakeholders.
Interest: stakeholders are people who show interest in the offers of advertisers. The publisher is not included in the terms “user “, “advertisers”, “professional clients” or “concerned”.
Advertiser: the advertiser term refers not only to providers who post jobs but also others who submit bids on the Platform, eg service providers.
Professional clients and private clients: customers by means professional advertisers who are companies and/or offer professional benefits. Individuals who do not meet these requirements and publish ads on the portal are considered private clients.


C. Caution

For the benefit of offers on the Platform, interested parties must be over 18 years.
Users of the Platform are aware of the potentially offensive nature of the text or images contained in such erotic offers and information.
Interested commit to never give, show, make it accessible to young people under 18 years old and provide them with the content of the Platform as well as links to websites, sms numbers for download from images and videos or other methods referenced in certain offers or advertisements.


D. Services on the Platform

On the Platform advertisers can place bids and interested can search for offers and check.
The Platform as well as content and specific information provided by the editor are provided to users for their own private use. Any subsequent exploitation, particularly republishing or making available on Internet-specific content and information made available by the publisher is prohibited to users.
Any business concluded by the interested parties regarding offers advertisers on the Platform (in particular as regards the erotic ads posted by advertisers on the platform) are concluded exclusively between the advertiser and the interested party.
The Platform editor remains the holder of all rights to the software and other works, services, procedures, facilities, designs, technologies, trademarks, company names, inventions, all materials having some connection with the Platform.


E. Service Access

Interested parties can freely access and view listings and other deals offered on the Platform.
Advertisers can place ads on the Platform, with registration and payment.
The technical access to the Platform is through the internet provider chosen by the user itself and the specific software that it obtained from third parties via the Internet. The user is completely responsible for its technical choice.

F. Portal Maintenance and Changings

The online offer is normally available around the clock. The publisher cannot guarantee minimum availability.
The publisher has the right to adjust online supply with technical innovations or change due to other circumstances. Such modifications may be enforced at any time by the publisher.
The publisher can disable all or part of the online offer. Especially in cases of suspected improper use of ad publishing services to the general terms or unlawful by the advertiser the publisher may remove content and accounts concerned without notice and without giving reasons.


G. Scope of Responsibilities

The advertiser is solely responsible for the content of his ads and offers as well as all other communicated information. It is particularly responsible for the content it made accessible via links, sms or other methods indicated in the ads.

It guarantees in particular the legality, accuracy and timeliness of published content.
Some parts of the Platform and some services are not provided by the publisher himself. The use of these services is subject to the terms of the concerned suppliers.


H. Warranty and liability exclusion

The warranty and liability for the publisher is particularly excluded for availability, service quality, accuracy and completeness of the Platform and its contents as well as illegal behavior of users or third parties.
Any liability of the publisher is expressly excluded for the accuracy, completeness and legality of the websites content or SMS or MMS accessible through banner ads that can be displayed or through indications in ads and offers, and other accessible.
Any liability of the publisher is expressly excluded for damages to the end device of the user, its data and its software. Any warranty or liability of the publisher is excluded for software possibly provided by the publisher as well as for incidents resulting from the transmission of software via the Internet or occurring during it.


I. Changes in Terms

The publisher keeps the right to adapt the Terms, price lists and conditions for future activities at any time. The current version published on the Internet is applicable.


J. Severability and Governing Law

If the price list or Terms are no longer met, the remaining provisions are not affected.
The publisher is entitled to enforce its rights at user’s home or office or with any other competent authority.
These Terms were established on June 10, 2016.

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